asian beetleThe multi colored Asian beetle is native to Asia but has become widespread in the United States. In Minnesota they are both a beneficial insect eating aphids, scale and other soft bodied arthropods that attack farmer’s crops, and a major fall invading pest overwintering in homes and other buildings often in very large numbers.


Treatments for Asian lady beetles should be made in late August early mid-September before they gain entry into the home. We treat the home’s exterior paying particular attention to the warm sunny sides of the building. Treatments focus on cracks and crevices and places the beetle will rest including the foundation, around windows and doors, siding, soffits and fascia. Once inside most insecticide treatments are impractical use a vacuum and vacuum up Asian beetles as they appear. The use of glue board traps in areas where they are entering the home or sightings are common can help reduce numbers as well.


Check the screens on windows, doors, and vents. Check the thresholds and weather seals on windows, doors and garages. Seal cracks in the foundation, under siding, around windows and doors, soffits and fascia. Focus your efforts on warm sunny sides of the building.