Complete Ground/Gold Program

Note: All services are offered individually as well. Although discounts can be had by purchasing multiple services or the Complete Ground Gold Program.

granular fertilizerRound-1 (April-May) : Pre-emergent & Feed
We arrive in the spring to apply a fertilizer to feed the starving lawn after its long winter dormancy. Pre-emergent weed control is applied (depending on soil temps) to help suppress germination of annual crabgrass and foxtail).

Round-2 (May-June) : Weed & Feed
Another feeding is done to the turf to keep encouraging new growth and continue to improve the overall thickness and health of the lawn. A Broadleaf weed control is applied to the entire (turf area only) to help rid the lawn of broadleaf weeds during this germination period. A second pre-emergent weed control is applied as needed or spot treatment w/post-emergent herbicides when applicable to help control grassy weeds that may sneak into your lawn.

Round-3 (Mid to late summer) : Weed and Feed
This is our mid to late summer Weed & Feed for the irrigated lawns with the higher demand for food/nutrients as well as for those with hard to control weeds that need persistence when it comes to staying on top of troublesome weeds. Some weeds can germinate after our last treatment if leaves of the target weed were not quite germinated at the time of the last application to provide contact with. So to avoid unwanted midsummer grassy or certain broad-leaf weeds we apply a high quality fertilizer along with either “spot treatment” or “broadcast” (if needed) weed control to the turf to control these weeds and keep the health and vigor of the grass thriving all summer long.

Round-4 (Aug-Sept) : Fall Feeding and Weed Control
We use a slow release granular fertilizer which can be applied regardless of drought as this will feed the turf with any moisture that’s given to the soil eliminating the worries of Nitro burn to dry grass blades (Problem typically of a non-irrigated lawn). Inspection of the lawn will be done to ensure proper care of the turf, spot treatment of weeds will be performed or broadcast weed control when needed. By now Turf density and health has greatly improved and will aid in helping naturally “choke” out weeds. All plants fight for light, water and nutrients, so the thicker and healthier you can make your turf, the less chance weeds have to break thorough the dense healthy canopy of grass.

Round-5 (Sept-Oct) : Winterizer
We apply a blend of fertilizer with micronutrients to supply the grass roots with a food source to help the grass health through the harsh winter cold conditions. This beneficial application will show itself the following spring with faster Greenup, healthier and thicker grass! This also allows the grass to have a head start in the spring to help choke out the weeds with a thicker turf.