core_aerationThis is the single most important thing you can do for your lawn. Core aeration reduces thatch and compaction by allowing air, water and nutrients into the root zone instantly awakening microbes that begin to help decompose organic material such as thatch.

This process also allows and encourages grass roots to grow deeper, more freely into the soil which in turn helps create a resistance to funguses and most importantly drought. Core aeration essentially prunes the grass during this process which allows the turf to create new shoots with an end result of the thickening of your turf!

Core aerations can be performed and are beneficial any time of year that we can get the machine to penetrate your soil, and we recommend 1 or 2 per year depending on soil compaction. (If you can’t easily push a screwdriver into your soil at least four inches we recommend at least 2 core aerations per season). With a perfectly healthy manicured lawn we recommend the core aeration be done mid to late summer during optimum growth conditions.

The core aeration service is offered individually, but we offer a significant discount when combining with  multiple services or the Complete Ground Gold Program.