mosquito-controlThere are over 50 species of mosquitoes found in Minnesota. Mosquito control is important in order to maintain a healthy atmosphere around your home. Female mosquitoes are responsible for biting. Male mosquitoes are not capable of piercing the skin and instead feed on flower nectar and plant juices. Mosquito eggs can survive more than 5 years in a dormant phase called diapause.

Mosquitoes find their hosts by sight, infrared radiation, and by chemicals. Mosquitoes carry many diseases that infect 500 million people each year worldwide and are responsible for heartworm in dogs and cats.

Mosquito Control and Treatment

Take control of your yard this summer and say bye bye to mosquitoes. We offer mosquito programs for mosquito control all season long or one time service for special events like weddings and family barbeques. We have many different treatment options available including natural oils and an organic garlic treatment. Located applications are made as a barrier treatment around the yard targeting areas where mosquitoes live and breed. Results differ from location to location with an average of around 85% or mosquitoes eliminated within the treated area. This treatment also helps control fleas and ticks.

Contact Complete Ground Control at least 24 to 48 hours before your outdoor event for optimal mosquito control.

Home owner tips to help get rid of mosquitoes

  • Dispose of items that hold water, tin cans, buckets, old tires, saucers that hold flower pots and pet dishes can be a mosquito breeding source.
  • Tarps covering boats and woodpiles in the yard should be arranged to drain water and checked regularly for pooling of water.
  • Rain gutters should be cleaned to prevent build up of debris and water. Check under outbuildings like sheds or on flat roofs.
  • look for puddles and leaks around outdoor faucets and around air conditioning units.
  • Fill low lying areas in yards and ditches.
  • Remove stumps fill tree holes with mortar these are common mosquito breeding sites.
  • Change water in bird baths at least once a week. Ornamental pools can be stocked with top feeding minnows known as mosquito fish.
  • Use caution when irrigating lawns and gardens do not over water and water in the morning.