Skunk trapping and removal

A spray from a skunk is extremely unpleasant but will cause no actual harm to its victim. It can be an eye irritant causing temporary blindness or discomfort and also can be a unpleasant irritant on the skin. Once a skunk sprays a pet and object or clothing the smell and oils can be difficult to remove and linger for several days.

Skunks are opportunistic when it comes to both food and shelter. skunks will usually nest in burrows created by other animals, inside of hollow logs, inside of pipes or culverts, under decks, under buildings, inside of abandoned buildings or sheds. Skunks have a very diverse diet they are crepuscular meaning they are most often seen at dusk and dawn and feed primarily at night. Skunks feed on grubs, insects, worms, larvae, plants, fruits, pet food, garbage, mice, small rodents, poultry and eggs.

The average female skunk will give birth to between 1 and young each year. These skunks average life span will be about 3 years. The average size of a skunks body is 8 to 19 inches with a tail measuring 5 to 15 inches. An average skunks weight is between 7 and 8 pounds.

Skunk trapping
At complete Ground Control we utilize a number of enclosed live traps that are spray proof meaning the skunk is not able to spray and is kept calm because the trap is fully enclosed. We will perform exclusion work when necessary to aid in trapping and prevent future issues with skunks and other pests. Inspections are made to determine these factors and others that may be contributing to the issue like food sources . If your lawn has grub issues it is recommended that you treat the lawn and remove that food source. We utilize game cameras with our wild life trapping services to monitor your property and inform you exactly what types of creatures are present and how many. This helps us ensure that when we say your problem is solved it is solved.

How do I remove the oils and odors from a skunk spray?
Here is a great home remedy for removing skunk oils that cause odor on pets or fabrics. mix 1 liter of white vinegar, 1/4 cup baking soda, and 1 tsp dish detergent. Bleach can be used to remove skunk odor from outdoor structures like decks, foundations or the ground.