Raccoons are intelligent animals and are opportunistic when it comes to both food and shelter. Raccoons usually live in wooded areas with access to food and water they make their dens in abandoned burrows, hollow sections of trees, hollow logs, under homes, under decks and other buildings, inside of attics, barns and in sewers. raccoons will usually stay within 1 mile of their dens. raccoons will eat a wide variety of foods including fruit, nuts, seeds, eggs, birds, fish, frogs, and snakes and love to get into human trash. The average raccoon will live 2 to 3 years in the wild and weigh 14 to 23 pounds. Raccoons are considered to be nocturnal in nature and are most active at night during the spring, summer and fall months. raccoons give birth to 1 to 6 kits per year in either April or May.

Raccoons are known to be clever, curious and agile making the difficult to keep away. Try eleminating food sources like gardens, trash containers, pet food areas. Eliminate or seal places that provide shelter like hollow trees and logs, under buildings and decks.

Complete Ground Control uses a variety of live traps and baits for every situation. We also utilize game cameras during raccoon and other wildlife control to ensure the trapping and removal of all problem animals on your property.