Minnesota has 5 species of squirrels that will become house hold pests including chipmunks, red pine squirrels, grey squirrels, the southern flying squirrel and the northern flying squirrel.
Squirrels can become a major pest when they make their way into your home or attic. Squirrels can cause major damage to by contaminating it with urine and feces. Squirrels will chew on electrical wires and dig holes in sheet rock. Squirrels are also well known for carrying fleas, ticks.

Trim trees and branches back from your home at least 6 feet from the home. Inspect the home for openings paying special attention to the homes dormer areas, soffits, facia, vents, foundation and garage doors. Chimneys should be properly capped.

Complete Ground control uses a combination of live traps, one way traps,and exclusion repairs to rid your home of squirrels. We also install game cameras to identify how many squirrels are causing the issues and if any other pests or animals are on site.